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Last Updated:  June 10, 2021
Sometimes it is very difficult for us to know our real needs but we identify them when we realize, for example, that the capacity of our computer is limited. That's when we have to think about buying an external memory.

Putting our images in safekeeping is undoubtedly a great concern for anyone. A problem that can become more apparent than ever during the holiday season, when many bring their memory cards loaded with photos that need to be stored somewhere and safeguarded from potential problems. For this, nothing better than using an external hard drive like the ones we are going to show you in one of their different formats.

Since the digital era changed the rules of the game, more than ever people need to keep up with technology. And in that we include the need to store somewhere large amounts of information, the one contained in the thousands of photographs we take annually, and keep it safe over time.

To choose a good usb external memory correctly, you have to pay attention to the technical characteristics that in these cases are even more important than the manufacturers.

The Winner
InfinitiKloud Gen 2
Automatic Recognition by Computer
Compatible with: Windows, Android and iOS
Fast backups
Does not require access to the Internet
One-click backup possible
Official Site
Second Winner
One-click backup
Memory upto 128GB
USB Type: USB 3.0
Read/write speed: Up to 100MB/s
Compatible port: USB 2.0 and 3.0
Official Site
The Runner Up
Plug and play style
Easy to recover all the data
Fast transfer and backups
64 GB version can backup upto 64,000 photos
Works with both PC and smartphone
Official Site
A USB flash drive is one of the best solutions for carrying information that you need to transport frequently thanks to its versatility, lightness and speed. However, not all USB Flash Drives are the same. Today, the classic USB 2.0 coexists with USB 3.0 and even with USB 3.1, the most modern standard of the Universal Serial Bus that improves on the rest in data transfer speed and the amount of energy transferred.

Now, if we are looking for a USB memory stick to write, read or ultimately move photos, files or movies, the determining factor will be the data transfer speed, without of course neglecting other features such as capacity, reliability of the brand or price. And after reviewing these, the best result was that of Inifiniti Kloud Gen 2. The number one photostick pen is not just a classic USB stick or a conventional cloud, what makes it resplendent unique and unmatched is that it is a combination of both

What is Photostick?

ThePhotoStick is a portable USB drive that can be used to backup photos and videos. It is designed to find videos and photos that are scattered across drives and folders, and place them in one easy-to-find place. It works on any photo or video type, and is compatible with any Windows or Mac operating system.

ThePhotoStick is a great idea that will appeal to many people. I'm generally not a fan of legacy photo backup, simply because it's so time consuming, but the PhotoStick gives you a great way of getting a lot of images quickly. One of the main benefits with the PhotoStick is it can also scan videos. After you insert the PhotoStick, it scans the photos and then gives you a list of what is on the drive, and you can then select which images you want to scan. The ThePhotoStick is a must have for any individual who has a lot of images, and wants to keep them safe and protect them.

What is Infiniti Kloud Gen 2?

InfinitiKloud is a convenient photostick device where you can store all your personal and important information with just one click and with all the confidence that it will never let you down. With this device you will not only store information, you can also store the memories you never want to lose, the photos of your most important moments and keep them forever. 

What sets it apart is that with its cloud storage experience, unlike the big cloud providers, with InfinitiKloud Gen2 you don't have to worry about the security of your stored data, because inside this incredible device it is 100% secure, it won't get lost accidentally and you won't discover one day that it is simply gone.

How does this photo stick work?

Computer crashes and failures are completely normal, although it is incredibly frustrating because they slow us down and make us lose information. It doesn't matter if it's a PC or an Apple Mac, often a lot of important data is lost and no matter how much a technician takes away there is information that you simply cannot recover.

The answer you will always get from your service technician is that they must format the hard drive and rebuild the operating system so that your computer can function again without any problems. The key is that by doing this, all other data is lost, this includes both photos and files, here can be all your memories, all your work and all your important information, missing and lost without notice.

Generally the ideal is to always keep a copy in an external memory for these cases, because most of these storage systems only keep what the user needs, choose your work and appreciate it is to use these devices, so when the crash or the time your computer stops working, you will have a backup of all your things.

But why not store my data in the cloud? Because when you store your data in the cloud at the other cloud storage providers, there is always a risk of exposing your personal information to other users of the same cloud storage providers. However, the creators of InfinitiKloud have ensured that the data stored in InfinitiKloud is one hundred percent secure and no breach can be expected.

The most unique feature of the InfinitiKloud is the very idea on which it was built. The InfinitiKloud is neither a complete USB nor a complete conventional cloud, in fact it is a combination of both!

The problem with a normal USB is that it also copies unwanted data, and sometimes the device virus gets into the storage arena as well. This makes your important data vulnerable to loss.

That said, let's focus on how InfinitiKloud Gen 2 works: First of all, data that is stored in the cloud, cloud storage providers allow you only a certain amount of data that is stored for free and do not even guarantee that it is 100% secure like InfinitiKloud.

Secondly, if you want to store something else, you have to pay them for the extra storage you are using, and that happens either monthly or annually depending on the cloud storage providers' policies. What InfinitiKloud does is help you select and store the data you want. Whatever backups you make, only you can access and manage them.

Benefits of using Infiniti Kloud Gen 2

In case you didn't find it convincing enough to acquire InfinitiKloud Gen 2 photostick device as your favorite ally, here is a list of what it can continue to do to backup your most valuable information:
Detailed description of each of the files and their statistics
Backing up files to the USB
Backing up files with more than one version
Helps remove unwanted files that have been backed up
Helps navigate through the backup files
Provides ultra high speed
It supports many languages: English, Portuguese, German and French are few.
Helps to back up files with custom file extensions
It also helps to restore the files backed up on the USB to the computer or any other computer and does so in the specified location.

Is this Photo Stick for iPhone?

Well, again, this device is extremely smart and a well-thought-out product since sometimes we have devices with different operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows and more, now image buying a photostick for all of those and end up buying like a bunch of photo stick devices and shelling lot of money.

Seems devastating, right? Well, the good news is that you don't have to worry about that! Infinitikloud Gen 2 got you covered no matter what operating system you are on. Be it iPhone or Android phone or any laptop or computer, it just works alright on all of them.

Is this Photo Stick for Android?

That was a really good question since indeed there are many photo stick devices in the market we came across that are exclusively built for just Android phones, iPhone or iOS devices and few that works only for Computer or laptop.

Coming to your query, YES, Infinitikloud Gen 2 photostick does work with Android mobile phones or tablet and computer too. You don't even have to buy anything specific or be careful while buying since it's built for all. The same device works for Android, iPhone (iOS) etc.

Infiniti Kloud Gen 2 - How to use it?

Once you plug the Infinitkloud Gen 2 into your computer, a small window will appear on your screen. You will need to drag the photos from your desktop to the window and click "Save". The Infinitkloud Gen 2 will automatically begin backing up your photos.

Why choose Infiniti Kloud Gen 2?

Most users choose InfinitiKloud simply because of its size and how it can protect their files. In addition to storing it on your USB device, you also have your own cloud where the device itself protects your data against viruses and other malicious programs that can destroy and eventually delete your important files forever. 

At some point, everyone has had a USB Flash Drive that has become corrupted for an unknown reason and all the projects that were there have simply disappeared, but with InfinitiKloud Gen 2, you no longer have to worry about that.

Another reason why users always choose InfinitiKloud photosticks is that it can transfer files almost immediately. Which is incredibly useful when you're in class or at work and you're quite busy and you have to save files at the last minute. And by always doing it at the end, I get to be late for conferences and meetings causing my teachers and bosses to get upset. But with InfinitiKloud Gen 2, this is no longer something you have to worry about because, in just a few seconds, all the necessary files are on the device in no time.

Nor does InfinitiKloud have any software that needs to be installed on any of its computers. Some storage devices today need to have the software installed before you can start working on your device. With InfinitiKloud, you no longer have to worry about that, as it is a "plug and play" device.

So what are you waiting for? Just go grab one of the best photosticks you can have for all your photo and documents backup needs. The good news is that InfinitiKloud Gen 2 is on limited 50% discounts right now and if you wanted to buy one, now is the right time to.
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